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İstanbul Şehir University Core Curriculum Program​

By force of the founding mission and vision of İstanbul Şehir University, Core Curriculum Program is an independent curriculum, designed according to the unique needs and conditions of today, directed towards helping students to gain the fundamental skills, which will enable them to understand the world within its own integrity and mobility, to look at the events from a broad perspective in the time-space context, to think right, systematical and consistent and to express their thoughts in a meaningful frame, in their life after graduation, no matter what their discipline is. By this approach, Core Curriculum Program aims at helping students to gain critical and creative intellectual habits that they will use all their lives, beyond improving their knowledge in various fields. 
What does it mean to be a human and how has it been understood at different times and cultures? How is the founding relation between the human and the society? What is the nature of political and economic areas and its connection with other areas of the humanitarian existence?  How can you gain systematic and consistent thinking skill? How is a text read, how can you gain critical perspective to a text? How do scientific knowledge and other types of knowledge differ from one another? Is there a deterministic relation between cosmological perceptions and social and philosophical thinking? What are the aesthetic reflections of human experience, how can it be understood? continue...​​


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