• UNI 209 "Understanding Cultural Encounters" and UNI 211 "Understanding Art and Architecture"
        • UNI 209 and UNI 211 coded courses are Core Courses Cluster III courses which are opened 2015-2016 Fall Semester.

UNI 100-A "Dersimiz İstanbul" and UNI 100-B “Exploring Istanbul" are the same courses.
UNI 100-A "Dersimiz İstanbul" is in Turkish and UNI 100-B “Exploring Istanbul" is in English. UNI 100 "Exploring Istanbul" is generally preferred by international students but other students can also enroll in this course.
  • Pre-faculty and upper-intermediate level students at the preparatory program can take “Dersimiz İstanbul”.
Course registration of student who take Dersimiz İstanbul course is made by Student Affairs and later they are informed accordingly.
  • It is sufficient for students who have registered in the system in 2010-11 and 2011-12 Academic Years to have any one of the UNI 103 “Understanding Science and Technology” and UNI 104 “Understanding Nature and Knowledge” courses in the “Nature and Science Cluster” course group. If the student has taken both courses, one of them can be counted for General Elective courses.

In this case, if you have previously taken either of UNI 103 “Understanding Science and Technology” or UNI 104 “Understanding Nature and Knowledge” courses, you are not required to take the other course.

  • UNI 221 "World Civilization and Global Encounters: Until 1300"course is not pre-requisite UNI 222 "World Civilization and Global Encounters: Since 1300" course; However, we do not recommend our students who haven't taken UNI 221 to take the UNI 222 course in view of their academic standing.
  • In accordance with the decision of İstanbul Şehir University Senate, Core Curriculum Course Cluster practice will be applicable also for students who have entered the University in 2010-11 and 2011-12 Academic Years as of the date when the University started education; all students will be considered to have completed the obligation of this cluster on condition that they have successfully completed only one course; so as to students who have successfully completed both courses in the same cluster during the old practice, the additional course they have taken will be counted for general elective courses in their course schedules.
* For further information please contact with Core Curriculum Office (corecurriculum@sehir edu.tr or meliketunagur@sehir.edu.tr)