İstanbul Şehir University Core Curriculum Program is the form of special curriculum structures, generally named as core curriculum / common core / common courses and which has become a regularly wide spreading part of the university world in the World, which has been designed to have a unique content for the objectives of İstanbul Şehir University. The program, which aims at helping students gain fundamental skills they will need all their lives and fortify their intellectual infrastructure, has been designed considering the unique conditions and needs of today's Turkey and the World, before they begin to progress in their preferable discipline of knowledge.


Based on this general definition, the purpose of CCP can be reified as follows:

  1. To reinforce the “basic education” infrastructure which was not built during secondary education; to acquaint students with fundamental concepts and models of society, culture, politics, economics and natural sciences,
  2. To help students gain a strong observation and reasoning skill which will enable access to the "right" and "needed" information within a accumulation of knowledge and information emerging by the rapid development recently experienced in the information technologies and whose boundaries are rapidly broadening,
  3. In this process of change which has an irresistible power and a dizzying speed; to form an infrastructure of history of humanity which enables a strong time realization and evaluation of events making it possible to look at the developments within an historical depth and from a calm, comparative perspective in a dynamic process.
  4. To open the door for a strong realization of space which will help to understand the world cities by departing from our own, to penetrate in social, economic, political and intellectual worlds,
  5. To help students have an infrastructure for recent Turkish history which will enable them to make sense of our country within time (its place in the history of humanity) and space (the position in the world) coordinates,
  6. To present a knowledge/method of science which is open to development and which will enable to keep your distance towards what is considered natural and to find the known weird, to help gain sensitivity to the historical aspect of information templates in this historical turning point where methods, approach and concepts of disciplines, mostly shaped in the nineteenth century are gradually becoming insufficient in understanding and explaining the reality,
  7. To raise awareness about "good" and "beautiful" along with "right",
  8. To give a cross-disciplinary perspective, which will enable confrontation with reality within its simplicity/integrity in our time when it is gradually becoming difficult, even impossible to understand and explain the reality of disciplinary divergence and specialization process as a result of a search for deepening and certainty/timeliness of knowledge on one hand, and a natural stage of paradigmatization process of knowledge on the other hand,
  9. To develop language and expression skills in English and Turkish.